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Modern Living in the Old South

Modern Living in the Old South

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Rewriting the Ending

With the discovery of White Gables, Denise Harrison and Steve Land have rewritten the ending for a story that began with a dream and a classic film. The light that filters through the leaves of a huge magnolia falls softly on White Gables. At first glance, time is suspended at the corner of Richardson and […]

Redefining Paradise

A creative local duo have taken the reigns on life, following their dreams and building their own version of paradise, right in Summerville’s back yard. What does paradise mean to you? For Jenna and Chris Pelayo, both born and raised in Hawaii, it is a familiar question, one they have contemplated since saying goodbye to […]

Knock On Wood

BUILT BY A LUMBERMAN OF YESTERYEAR, FLOWERS AND FAMILY FLOURISH IN THE LIGHT OF PAM AND BRANDT SHELBOURNE’S HISTORIC HOME. Light streaming through the windows of Pam and Brandt Shelbourne’s dining room falls across a wood floor that glows with the soft patina of age. It comes to rest on the natural finish of a […]

House of Prayer

Calling on a higher power for direction, Tim and Ranai Kennedy were led to the home where they would raise their family, in the heart of Summerville’s historic district. One gets the idea that builder Henry Oliver knew a thing or two about construction when he bought the ¾ acre plot of land at the […]

Dream Living

A young Charleston family trades in suburban life for classic Southern-city living. Like many people transitioning into the adult world, Melanie Kiernicki had a running list of what she ought to do as a young adult. Whether by way of television shows, movies, or books, or by the words of family, friends, and even strangers, […]

The Badham House

Herman and Harriet Halmon happily throw open the doors to the historic white mansion outside of St. George to share the blessings of their destiny. When Herman Halmon was a young boy growing up outside of the St. George area, he would sometimes ride in a horse-drawn wagon with his grandfather down a gravel highway […]

Garden House

Under the stewardship of David and Jennifer Price, one of Summerville’s oldest homes has grown to be one of its grandest. There is something that almost feels magical about turning onto the drive off Sumter Avenue. The smooth corridor is lined with majestic oaks, is bordered by beautifully manicured shrubs and flowers, and is timelessly […]

The Forever House

Behind peeling paint and a forest of shrubbery, a long-neglected house on Main Street stood waiting for the Rice family to come home. Everything happens for a reason. The phrase is almost always meant to provide reassurance in the face of an unexpected turn of events, but Marresa (Reese) and Nate Rice found little solace […]


Friendship, small town charm and the perfect house draw Canadans Henry and Kelley Johnson back home to Summerville The home on the corner of South Main and West Fifth South Street has seen many changes come to the town since its construction in the 1920s. From its perch atop the area’s highest point, referred to […]