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Modern Living in the Old South

Modern Living in the Old South

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Indoor Oasis

Marie Everidge, owner of Soil and Soul Nursery Exotic Plant Shop on Short Central in Summerville, recognizes that plants are the life force for our clean air and oxygen.Entering her nursery, one immediately lets their guard down and relaxes. The environment is thriving with native and exotic plants constantly replacing carbon dioxide with oxygen. In […]

A Life of Discipline

Martial arts are a codified system of physical transitions developed for self-defense and combat thousands of years ago. Today, self-defense, self-discipline, mental, spiritual, and physical wellbeing, military and law enforcement training are reasons people practice martial arts. Predominantly associated with Asiatic cultures, the most popular types of martial arts include Kung Fu, Judo, Aikido, Taekwondo […]

Art Haus

A couple brings an old house back to its creative roots. Most people work in a setting with co-workers who help problem solve, provide feedback, and motivate them throughout the day. Musicians, writers, artists, and creative thinkers, however, typically work alone. They are challenged with finding enough uninterrupted time to pursue their creative endeavors daily, […]

Flower Power

Natural curiosity, artistic talent, and an insatiable desire to share makes Summerville SC’s Laura Crosby the gift that keeps on giving. Laura Crosby is what one might call a force of nature, or rather a force for nature. And if flowers were fuel, the Summerville artist could loan the space shuttle a tank or two […]

Strawberry Fields Forever

The strawberries that come from the fields of Westbury Farms are sweet, but not as sweet as the people behind the scenes, Keri Anne and Jeff Westbury and Billy and Kim Walker. The two teams of husband on the farm will help instill an appreciation warmer and the season came to an end, they for […]

Mother of All Raceways

Stretching out in the Spring sunshine, “The Lady in Black” marks Mother’s Day by reminding NASCAR fans just how tough a mother can be. Stretching out in the spring sunshine, “The Lady in Black” marks Mother’s Day by reminding NASCAR fans just how tough a mother can be. For many, Mother’s Day is represented by […]

Eyes on the Prize

Eye Strike FishingTM owners, Ralph Phillips and Davis Fladd, upending the jighead fishing lure industry There are few products that, with a little tweaking and ingenuity, revolutionize their prospective markets. Products like the Post-It Note, the Walkman, and the Band-Aid. Believe it or not, here in Summerville, two friends have developed such a product—one that […]

Puppy Love

Photographer Justin Parsons takes thoughtful, timeless dog portraits that resonate unconditional love and the substance of man’s best friend. Visual storytellers, photographs capture moments in time. They arouse emotions, evoke memories, inspire, anger, and elicit Amens. From the mundane to the spectacular, photojournalists use images to historically solidify decisive moments. Artists employ the medium of […]

Placed Remembered: The Canvases of Impressionist West Fraser

The canvases of impressionist West Fraser are a tribute to the places he remembers and those we should never forget. Though it might require one to be “of a certain age” to recall the melody, one need not be able to carry a tune to recognize the sentiment in the words of In My Life, […]

Out of the Norm

Normal” must be one of the most underrated words in the English language. The term is defined as regular, mundane, or dull, yet we use it to answer casual questions like “How was work?” or “How was your check-up?” Then we move on. But what happens when our auto-reply no longer fits? When the job […]