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Modern Living in the Old South

Modern Living in the Old South

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Puppy Love

I had forgotten how hard it is to get any work done with a new little one in the house. When we first brought our new addition home, I learned I had to schedule my showers around her nap time, something I hadn’t done in nearly seventeen years. I had to play with her constantly […]

The Bigger Picture

My kids will never understand how truly cool it was to have a pager in middle school, how the card catalog worked, or the importance of getting the picture on the first shot in order to conserve film. So many of these experiences are obsolete to today’s generation, who are instead well-versed in technology and […]

Moonlit Memories: Taking one last journey with my grandmother

My Grandmother, Janet Keller was something of a domestic adventurer in her lifetime. While she did not traverse the continents and immerse herself in foreign lands, she spent time in nearly every single one of the United States; she even lived in Alaska for years and had a timeshare in Hawaii. However, she seemed to […]

No Place Like Home

I give my house a thorough cleaning when I host guests, have parties, and when I find something vile lurking within a cabinet. On the odd occasion, when I start to notice that we have a lot of rubbish that has been left to pile up over time, I will get in touch with somewhere […]

Moonlight and Roses

The candles burned brightly from the polished candelabras on the altar of the historic church on Savannah’s Chippewa Square, setting the faces of friends and family aglow with anticipation.   In their black tuxedoes, groomsmen flanked the nervous man standing at the end of the long, flower-lined aisle, as the robed minister nodded a beaming welcome […]

Burning Daylight

There are those among us who take great pleasure in rising to meet the day.  Eyes crinkled with joy, these people embrace the morning with a smile on their face and a song in their heart.  Some whistle as they shave, chuckle at the morning paper’s comic strips, jump into their running shoes to hit […]

Kids These Days-Me, Myself and Middle Age

My late thirties were stupid. Maybe yours were, too. Even the first couple of years of my forties were steeped in ego, trying to prove to the world – really, myself – that I was immune to biology and reality. I know this isn’t true for everyone, that there are a lot of people content […]

Life & Faith-Choosing to Cheat

“If something doesn’t change soon, our marriage is over!” Have you ever heard these words from your spouse? I have, and it jolted me quickly to reality. In 2007, I was living my dream and my wife was living a nightmare. We had moved to Summerville, SC to start a brand new church. My life […]