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Modern Living in the Old South

Modern Living in the Old South

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Art & Style

Wing Man

Robert Hortman’s wood and bronze sculptures capture the Lowcountry’s bird species in uncluttered form highlighting the rich diversity of South

Winter Wonderland

From exploring rural wonders to embracing the classics, here are 15 things you should do in the South Carolina Lowcountry

Indoor Oasis

Marie Everidge, owner of Soil and Soul Nursery Exotic Plant Shop on Short Central in Summerville, recognizes that plants are

Art Haus

A couple brings an old house back to its creative roots. Most people work in a setting with co-workers who

Flower Power

Natural curiosity, artistic talent, and an insatiable desire to share makes Summerville SC’s Laura Crosby the gift that keeps on

Puppy Love

Photographer Justin Parsons takes thoughtful, timeless dog portraits that resonate unconditional love and the substance of man’s best friend. Visual

Organizing A Dream

If you were told that it’s time to follow your dreams, where would you start? Nikki Boyd’s dream began with

Listening for the Melody

Like a composer turning a melody into a great symphony, professional designer and artist Michelle Woolley Sauter creates timeless, balanced,

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