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Modern Living in the Old South

Modern Living in the Old South

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Sweet Dreams

Forging ahead with equal amounts of passion and talent, Danetra Richardson brings sugary goodness to downtown Summerville. In sweeping font on an interior wall at Swank Desserts in Downtown Summerville, a message encourages visitors to “indulge your sweet!”If you’re close enough to read the sign, you don’t have a fighting chance to disobey it; surrounded […]

Heart of Clay

Using the freshest ingredients and the principles learned in the red clay fields of Georgia, Chef Geoff Rhyne has bottled more than flavor in his Southern hot sauce. If you’re from the South, you know a little bit about red clay. You know that it sticks to your shoes, and makes your flowerbed a stone-cold […]

Crop Rotation

One of Charleston’s most crowd-friendly restaurants is switching up its game, bringing in new players and planting inspiration just steps away from King Street. There are countless reasons to love living in the Lowcountry, but one of the most rewarding is its long growing season, allowing for green thumbs to harvest a backyard bounty every […]

Pints and Plates: Shore Thing Lager / Oyster Cups

​ Oyster Cups   20 raw oysters, removed from shell 2 cup all-purpose flour 1 cup corn starch 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon black pepper ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper 1 cup buttermilk 1 cup Blue Point Shore Thing beer Approximately 8 cups of Canola Oil Put oil in large pot on medium heat. Combine dry […]

A Gracious Plenty

My paternal grandmother’s family came from St. Gallen, Switzerland, to settle in the deep south, where most of them would end up farming the land. My grandmother, who was raised a Southern lady through and through, had a wonderful saying when she welcomed guests to her table: “Please help yourself. We have a gracious plenty.” […]

Camp Eating

AS IT HAS FOR OVER 100 YEARS, THE ANNUAL CAMP MEETING OUTSIDE ST. GEORGE PROVIDES NOURISHMENT FOR BODY AND SOUL, ENCOURAGING WORSHIPPERS TO PRAISE THE LORD AND PASS THE CHICKEN. The day is hotter than usual for October. On a remote plot of land a few miles north of St. George, the afternoon sun is a […]

Culinary Currency – Charleston Receipts

The lasting popularity of Charleston Receipts proves it to be more than a flash in the culinary pan, and for a new generation of cooks, it is the ultimate handbook to Lowcountry cuisine. “The inheritance of a well-written recipe is as valuable as a silver spoon,” once wrote Heather Richie in Southern Living Magazine. In culinary currency, […]

Bottling Sunshine – Charleston Distilling Company

Whisky has long lubricated the wheels of history, and been lauded by poets and statesmen as “liquid sunshine.” Steeped in the narrative of the Holy City’s past, Charleston Distilling Company’s bright spirits shine a unique light on their founders’ adopted home. Charleston is a city rich in history. From its cobblestone streets to its steepled […]

Thinking Inside the Box – Tiger Corner Farms

A Summerville aeroponic farm manufacturer takes the dirty work out of farming while working toward a greener future locally and beyond. For longtime Summerville residents and frequent visitors, the drive from the interstate into the charming downtown area is a familiar one: take the off-ramp from I-26, drive past the big box stores, and pass […]

Popping Up

A young, seasoned chef puts his skills to good use with an ever-evolving restaurant concept. It’s a rainy Wednesday night in West Ashley, and the bar at Craft Conundrum is beginning to fill up with the usual patrons: couples on a mid-week date, friends grabbing an after-work beverage, and strangers gathering together to play board games. […]