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Modern Living in the Old South

Modern Living in the Old South

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Cafe de Fleur

A new cafe blossoms in the heart of Flowertown.By Eboni JohnsonPhotography by Bianka Lamb Café de Fleur is a brand new coffee shop/café pleasantly located on West Richardson Avenue, right in the heart of downtown Summerville. Upon entry, customers are welcomed with vibrant artwork, and stunning natural lighting that eloquently shine against the white walls. […]

Sweet Grass Vodka

Revitalizing traditional vodka-making with Lowcountry flareBy Eliza Chapman Bailey, Photographs by J. Lachenman, Sweet Grass Vodka (Mathew Peacock) Whether Russia or Poland invented vodka in the 15th century is heavily debated. However, one thing is without question: today, most vodka is produced in the Vodka Belt (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Finland, Iceland, […]

A Heart for Harvesting

By Eliza Chapman Bailey Right outside of St. George sits Gruber Farms and a family whose heart for community farming has been beating for over 60 years. For those who grew up in an agrarian community, shucking corn, snapping string beans, hulling peas, and storing produce for leaner times were rites of passage. Once the […]

La Rustica’s Family Fare

Nestled in the heart of Summerville, La Rustica serves up the incredible flavors of Chef Giulio Pellegrini’s native region of Italy in an atmosphere that embodies true southern hospitality and makes you feel like family. The Southern style home on the corner of North Magnolia Street and East 3rd North Street has seen many incarnations. […]

Southern Fusion

Smokin’ Gringos pitmaster and owner, Mike Bastin infuses competition style BBQ with flavors and seasoning found in Mexican, Latin American, and Caribbean cuisine with innovative intent. Serious professional BBQ competition participants, Bastin and his two daughters, Bella, and Courtney, travel the Southeast winning title after title with good natured passion. To date they have won […]

Faith & Flour

With her hands buried in the mixing bowl, It’s All in the Biscuit’s creator Kim Lazarus proves all things are possible if you have a little faith. The King James Version of the Bible talks a lot about bread, perhaps most famously reminding us that man does not live by bread alone. There are many […]

Patron Saint of Pastry

Pastry chef, Claire Chapman is on a mission to make the community that she loves a little sweeter, one dish at a time. Summerville’s charm and small-town atmosphere have captured the attention of restaurateurs, igniting a spark that can be seen on Main Street, Central and Richardson Avenues. This interest is not a surprise to […]

Raising a Glass

The Azalea Bar & Garden is an ode to Summerville and the many things that make her so special. When the afternoon sun’s golden the heart of its Southern charm. The casual rays light on the distinctive blue brick building on Summerville’s South Cedar Street, the gentle tinkling of elegance is exactly what Will and […]

Sweet Lady

Tara Pate, the founder of Daysie Syrups, doesn’t sit around waiting for someone else to make her dreams happen, and that is most clear in her newest business pursuit. Daysie Syrups was founded by dreams and fueled by coffee, with a founder who had two main goals in mind. One was to create a syrup […]

Sweet Talk

With a vision that harkens back to a simpler time, Kathy Lindell has transformed a vacant store front into a candy shop to satisfy the sweet tooth of a community. Reminiscing about the ease of childhood makes one wonder why we were in a hurry to become adults. We would ride our bikes to the […]