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Modern Living in the Old South

Modern Living in the Old South

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Raising a Glass

The Azalea Bar & Garden is an ode to Summerville and the many things that make her so special.

When the afternoon sun’s golden the heart of its Southern charm. The casual rays light on the distinctive blue brick building on Summerville’s South Cedar Street, the gentle tinkling of elegance is exactly what Will and Dottie Rizzo hoped to achieve with the space designed to reflect the magazine they founded over a decade ago. Here, in the relaxed elegance of THE AZALEA Bar and Garden, guests discover a haven deliciously infused with flavors easily recognized by readers of Azalea Magazine. Shelves haphazardly lined with books lend the room an easy familiarity. The comfortable, unhurried simplicity is at the heart of its Southern Charm.

“We wanted to take what we’ve learned about the area over the past ten years and celebrate the fascinating history, people, and places that make our corner of the world so unique.”

Open Tuesday through Saturday, from 4 until 10 pm, AB&G ties perfectly into the Downtown experience.

From his place of honor on the wall, French botanist Andre Michaux, credited with introducing the tea plant to North America, oversees the creation of signature drinks, like the aptly named Botanist, and beams his approval. In the eclectic décor of the renovated building, pride drawn from past and present Lowcountry life is incorporated into every nook and cranny. Southern hospitality is alive and well in gracious service and the presentation of simple ingredients and authentic, time- honored family recipes. Small bites and desserts are a mosaic of those endearing elements. On the garden patio, herbs and flowers spend their days in the sun awaiting their entrance in carefully curated cocktails and scent the breezes of summer nights.

Whether you’re looking for a place to meet friends for drinks before dinner, a quiet corner for an intimate celebration, a smoke-infused bourbon, a cocktail feast for all the senses, decadent dessert to round out your evening, or a flavor-filled mocktail toast to the Lowcountry, THE AZALEA Bar and Garden is guaranteed to celebrate your good taste with the unique spirit of the South. AM

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