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Modern Living in the Old South

Modern Living in the Old South

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Circle of Dreams

With a handcrafted, heirloom-quality bamboo fly rod in hand, Bill Oyster casts into a circle of dreams. by Susan FramptonPhotography: Oyster Fine Bamboo Fly Rods The morning is crisp and cool as the fisherman steps into the stream, his flyrod at the ready. Once again, the siren song of clear water flowing over the ancient […]

Daufuskie Island: Remembering the Magic

Whether you are a Come’yuh or a Bin’yuh, there is magic to be found on Daufuski Island. by Susan FramptonPhotography by J. Lachenman Over 1,000 barrier islands are strewn along the southeastern coastline, stretching from North Carolina’s Cape Fear to northern Florida. Some are small and uninhabited, while others have become integral parts of mainland communities. Among them, Daufuski […]


Django & Gracie Whether it’s eyeing game or the ice cream truck, these two lovable dogs are the epitome of “work hard, play hard” and living your best life. Clinton and Camille Lemon of Edisto, SC will tell you that their dogs BoJangles (aka Django) and Gracie Two-Boots (Gracie) may look like professionals but they […]


Summerville local and Founder and Chief Executive Gardener of Katie’s Krops, Katie Stagliano, has been named  ‘Southerner of the Year for 2023’.  Summerville local and the Founder and Chief Executive Gardener of Katie’s Krops, Katie Stagliano, has been named as a ‘Southerner of the Year for 2023 by Southern Living Magazine. Stagliano is named one […]

Meet the Mayor

AZALEA sits down with Summerville, SC Mayor-Elect, Russ Touchberry What was your favorite thing about growing up in the Lowcountry? The outdoors. Especially being near the salt water evokes some of my fondest memories of shrimping with my Dad. What’s your dream job I really feel like I have it. I get to help businesses […]

Sweet Grass Vodka

Revitalizing traditional vodka-making with Lowcountry flareBy Eliza Chapman Bailey, Photographs by J. Lachenman, Sweet Grass Vodka (Mathew Peacock) Whether Russia or Poland invented vodka in the 15th century is heavily debated. However, one thing is without question: today, most vodka is produced in the Vodka Belt (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Finland, Iceland, […]

A Contemporary History

Summerville, SC historian, author, and retired Executive Director, George McDaniel, offers a unique perspective on Drayton Hall, the place, the people, and the stories they share.By Eliza Chapman BaileyPhotographs by J.Lachenman, Drayton Hall, Tony Sweet Storytelling is a dance, an ebb and flow of ideas, concepts, and perspectives. They entertain, evoke emotions, teach lessons, and […]

Haunted Summerville

Tales of the Mysterious & Unexplained… The Mysterious Man of Little Main “My father’s ghostly account was so real, he recorded it in his diary,” says Mr. Robert Anderson as he sits behind the desk where his father sat on the night of his encounter. “He was a number cruncher, so he was all about […]

The Beginnings of Freedom

By Eliza Chapman Bailey Settlement Community Cemetery pays homage to the Town of Lincolnville’s early settlers.  Spearheaded by Lincolnville Preservation and Historical Society founder Dr. Pernessa Seele, Mayor Enoch Dickerson and dedicated community leaders, the Town of Lincolnville is telling its history, and people are listening. On the western edge of Charleston County, Lincolnville is […]