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Modern Living in the Old South

Modern Living in the Old South

The Beginnings of Freedom

By Eliza Chapman Bailey Settlement Community Cemetery pays homage to the Town of Lincolnville’s early settlers.  Spearheaded by Lincolnville Preservation and Historical Society founder Dr. Pernessa Seele, Mayor Enoch Dickerson and dedicated community leaders, the Town of Lincolnville is telling its history, and people are listening. On the western edge of Charleston County, Lincolnville is […]

A Heart for Harvesting

By Eliza Chapman Bailey Right outside of St. George sits Gruber Farms and a family whose heart for community farming has been beating for over 60 years. For those who grew up in an agrarian community, shucking corn, snapping string beans, hulling peas, and storing produce for leaner times were rites of passage. Once the […]

Pitch Perfect

At times, skilled athletes are lauded for their sports acumen without consideration for their overall disposition, sense of self  and purpose.  Summerville born and raised center back, Jessica Osborne does not exemplify these times. With  grace and humility, she finds purpose in her ability to compete on national and international soccer fields.  From an early […]

The Man Behind It All

Summerville, SC is known for its history of sweet tea and the Azalea flower, but few know the French botanist who first planted the seeds of the storybook town’s storied history. The Town of Summerville and the Lowcountry are strongholds of sweet tea devotees. For decades, the drink was believed to have been invented in […]

Honoring Heroes

A major discovery near Camden, SC sheds light on heroes from the past. Just north of Camden, the landscape transitions from a bustling urban area to scattered homesteads and expansive longleaf pine forests.  Known as the Sandhills Region, the pines grow tall and straight on this edge of the prehistoric Atlantic Ocean and on August […]

American Cup

Veterans John Richards and Neil Johnson, owners of OneNation Coffee, are dedicated to helping veterans, first responders and their families one cup of coffee at a time. Companies are founded to fill a void, offer a different level of service or quality not available in the marketplace. The vision usually starts with a simple conversation […]

Wing Man

Robert Hortman’s wood and bronze sculptures capture the Lowcountry’s bird species in uncluttered form highlighting the rich diversity of South Carolina’s wildlife. The experiences and people we meet can have a profound impact on our lives.  As we mature, the recollections of our early years fade. However, some linger, and in hindsight we wonder if […]

Winter Wonderland

From exploring rural wonders to embracing the classics, here are 15 things you should do in the South Carolina Lowcountry this winter… 1 Take a Country Drive 2. Drink a Classic The Classic NegroniIn a world of quick-and-easy, canned everything, and pre- batched mixers, some of the hand-mixed (or shaken) classics of our grandparent’s era […]

Indoor Oasis

Marie Everidge, owner of Soil and Soul Nursery Exotic Plant Shop on Short Central in Summerville, recognizes that plants are the life force for our clean air and oxygen.Entering her nursery, one immediately lets their guard down and relaxes. The environment is thriving with native and exotic plants constantly replacing carbon dioxide with oxygen. In […]