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Modern Living in the Old South

Modern Living in the Old South

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Django & Gracie

Whether it’s eyeing game or the ice cream truck, these two lovable dogs are the epitome of “work hard, play hard” and living your best life.

Clinton and Camille Lemon of Edisto, SC will tell you that their dogs BoJangles (aka Django) and Gracie Two-Boots (Gracie) may look like professionals but they also live for their daily round of “dock dogging,” twice a day feedings, and treats from local police, neighbors, daily joggers, and every delivery person who has come to know and love them during their regular rounds. According to Clinton, they are also regulars of the local ice cream truck in the summertime. 

“The summertime ice cream truck has Doogie Ice cream cups and these two are at the gate every time they hear it approaching. They have even been granted a  “good customer” discount and line of credit for the times when Camille and I aren’t home to pay.” 

While it’s clear that these two know how to relax, they also know when it’s time to go to work. Django is a Deutch Drathaar (generally known as German Wire Haired Pointer) and Gracie is a combination Wire Haired Pointing Griffon and Black Labrador jokingly known as a “Griff-a-dore.”

 “Drathaars, including Django, are typically aloof to strangers and often other dogs but they really “turn on” with boundless energy and hyper focus at spoken command or sight of game” explains Clinton. 

“Gracie on the other hand, seeks friendship from all humans and canines she sees. Her bark is most often a greeting not a threat and she is actually quite timid.”

That said, there is evidence that Gracie still gets her bird too – that is unless the ice cream truck is nearby. AM

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