The Pork Grind-A Lowcountry BBQ Tour

They chop the wood, stoke the fire, put on the pork, and watch over it as though it’s a precious sleeping child.  For a dozen hours or more, they check the temperature, baste with secret sauces and tenderly deliver the finished product to those of us for whom barbecue is practically a religion. Whether a disciple of whole hog or one who prefers to have your butt smoked, the Lowcountry’s pit masters have you covered, and no matter if you’re a follower of vinegar sauce with red pepper flakes, a golden, mustard-based sauce or you choose a sauce flavored with a hint of whiskey, you can bet they have something to tickle your taste buds. Wherever you find yourself in the Lowcountry, there is always a pit master nearby, and enough choices available to send you absolutely hog wild!

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